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You build your bike in your head.


You tell us about it.


We build your bike FOR REAL.

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All the bikes that are designed and built
at RITZEL KITZEL are one-offs.

body measurements: Let’s get going and build your next one-off with you.


For anyone who doesn’t have welding equipment at home, yet wants to ride in fixed gear. Finding your line on a round pedal stroke!


And you can already start to think about:

  • Brakes, where the skip are they?
  • How are things likely to pan out if the sprocket’s affected?
  • And what does “changing a sprocket made easy” mean?
  • A chain whip or a threadless sprocket? What do the pros favor?
  • Are shaft stems and dirndls linked in some mysterious way?

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Because 1 gear’s always the right one.


And you can already start to think about:

  • Chainline, is it circular?
  • How do I know when the chain is correctly tensioned?
  • Only steel is real?
  • Early riser or Jan Ullrich’s biking style?
  • What kind of hub purr should be music to my ears?

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Leave even tans to Barbie and Ken.


And you can already start to think about:

  • Can you fall over while standing up – without being drunk?
  • Does headwind build character?
  • Do you need a carbon app to up speed?
  • Are hairy legs dangerous?
  • How do bends and airtime play together?
  • Do you need to know the calorific value of insects to establish your total consumption?

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Cross country – off you go!


And you can already start to think about:

  • Can you get by without a dynamo hub, a third chain ring, a bell, or a mudguard?
  • What means hybrid out of Road bike and MTB?
  • What does shouldering has to do with pedaling cross?
  • Which cleated tires are the best on my trail?
  • What level of difficulty do walkers present on an obstacle course?

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Individueller Fahrrad-Aufbau Cross-Bike


Dirty Riding – Flying high!


And you can already start to think about:

  • Upwards of how many centimeters does my fully become a lowrider?
  • How many GoPros do I need on helmet and body to be equipped with the basics?
  • Are single trail and Parship linked in any way?
  • Does the front derailleur have anything to do with being checked out – or is it more in the vein of an old chestnut?
  • How much does GraVity cost?
  • Enduro Hardtail: Top or flop?

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Because not everyone dreams of having a pony.


And you can already start to think about:

  • What does skiing have to do with bike polo?
  • How do I get 42 spokes into my wheel rim?
  • Do I need to wear Ralph Lauren playing bike polo?
  • Who brought bike polo to Germany?
  • Can I make my e-bike a polo bike?

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„For that timeless feeling while you cruise.“

(Zapata Espinoza, US-amerikanischer Journalist, *1960)

And you can already start to think about:

  • Does retro biking turn back time?
  • What does “Easy does it” mean?
  • How can I recognize true vintage when I see it?
  • Which components need replacing?
  • Is damage to the frame risky?
  • Can I ride a Beachcruiser to work or just on the beach?

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Because the panda is always in a good mood.


This is what we can already reveal:

  • This bike is built by you and customized to suit your body measurements.
  • Bamboo frames are flyweights, yet are immensely sturdy.
  • RITZEL KITZEL is your partner of choice in Bavaria for bamboo bike bodywork.
  • You’ll be riding a natural product and improving CO2 levels, leaving behind
    a green footprint.
  • Bamboo bikes make a style statement! People won’t just turn around to look at you; they’re sure to be stoked by your Bamboo bike.
  • And, what’s more, you’ll feel on top of the world.

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