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BOSS/TOUR GUIDE • Speedy Gonzales meets Mr. Popeye – only this time, on two wheels. Always motivated, with a definite thirst for going full speed… Super MARIO, a stalwart of the bike universe, is always on standby to offer advice and hands-on assistance.
Brand: Black Hands.
Mantra: Into the wind



CUSTOMER SUPPORT  This lady with this formidable will perfects each project. A shrewd protagonist when swift, intelligent solutions are the order of the day and when hands need to create whatever ideas deem fit. The sunshine in our workshop – your bike yearns to be her one and only.
Mantra: Hand-made, self-made, good!



SUSPENSION/DH SUPPORT The Q to all those Bonds in the parks out there. His hand is the magical force that drives all the suspensions and forks of this world. To the maxxx! Like destroy and enjoy, he rides blackbox prototypes commissioned by Moneytools, Hayes or Specialized, and has a blast doing it: That grin on his face says it all.
Mantra:  Radical!



DH/MTB SUPPORT At the ready 24/7 when bikes want to be ridden. Doubles, drops, gaps – just all about airtime! Literally BASTI´s heaven on earth. All the bike parts that are attuned to his own indie bodyworks are 100% style- and riding-approved.
Mantra: Ultimate – Tcket to ride!



LOGISTICS  La doña de la familia RITZEL KITZEL. She’s been around since the Velothek was founded, a custodian keeping a seasoned eye on all components. But she really starts to come into her own when ‘The Wishing Table’ enters the equation. An accomplished chef, even the workshop she transforms into a gourmet hot spot.
Mantra: Let the sunshine in!



RETRO SUPPORT • An original among originals. Historian, connoisseur of details, specialist in all things retro. Your dealer of choice, remaining true to the original.  A black belt in impeller building. Even incredibly stable seat posts like these give RONNY the shakes.
Mantra: Make it work!



BRAND MANAGEMENT • Our Chuck Norris of the marketing world. MARY holds the reins and has an unfaltering vision. Let the show begin! She adds color and reveals details. Style and smile is a must. A motivator par excellence and our eagle eye when it comes to quality.
Mantra: Ready, steady, GO!



THE DUKE • Head hobby mechanic, tour guide and tax consultant. And always in a good mood. Occasionally open to bribery. Driving license category D. Freestyler.
Mantra: Good vibes!















We’re passionate about getting bikes moving.

As professionals, it’s our mission to identify the best solutions for what you have in mind. We give of our best. Every single day. We aim to spectacularly exceed all your expectations. And we do this by drawing upon our expertise. Our thinking is innovative, yet we build upon what is tried and tested. We like being surrounded by exciting people. RITZEL KITZEL is colorful, and the ideas that we receive on a daily basis are just as diverse. We can’t wait for yours – whether it hinges upon style, price, individuality, or even the best combination of all those parameters. You’ll find RITZEL KITZEL has tools that you just won’t find in other workshops. And the best part is: They’re waiting just for you, so you can create your dream bike.

This is our way of saying: Enjoy your ride! 


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We are outdoor people – only green is real!

Even though indoor cycling’s an option, we much prefer to go for a bike ride in Mother Nature’s lap. OK, so we’re not indifferent to the specific force she presents us with – sun, rain, wind or snow – but we don’t see it as a hindrance, either. Something we do feel strongly about is that her beauty should remain preserved for us for a long time to come.
It is important to us to do our bit toward this. At RITZEL KITZEL, we dispense with unnecessary packaging. We don’t offer any products that don’t go the distance. And we take pains to assess whether it would be more sensible to carry out a repair than provide new products.

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Biking, tightening bolts, biking, building, biking, building from scratch, biking, converting, biking, assembling, biking, partying, biking, hanging out, biking, setting off, biking, letting rip

And that’s right: naturally, B.I.K.I.N.G. Also extremely popular for those in-between times: cycling, cruising, shredding, shooting, speeding.

That’s what’s been going down at Brudermühlstrasse 18 for over 10 years now. It was in 1995 that Bennie laid the foundation for this when he opened his Velothek. Anyone who doesn’t know Bennie should get to know him. A real biker, a bike courier to the core, and – in his spare time – to be found competing in all the courier races across Europe. Bennie got to know Mario, also a bike courier, in 2013. So Mario climbs on board and they tinker, go biking, build, go biking…, happy and content together.

Mario takes over in 2014, and fulfills his lifelong dream by opening the RITZEL KITZEL BIKE SHOP. Mario’s a fast rider: cycling uphill, downhill, straight ahead and in the air. Every year, he covers an average of 12,000 km. He’s a passionate downhiller, a builder of bikes, a DAV-certified tour guide, and a trainer. Together with his team, he now goes about his work in RITZEL KITZEL, bringing to fruition all those fabulous things that make biking fun.

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